Capacity Building
Present cooperation between the University of Kassel and Mongolian Universities (National University of Mongolia and Mongolian University of Science and Technology), as well as the experience made with the German-Mongolian Association and the “Mongolian-German Bridge" (Deutsch-Monglische Brücke e.V.) show that there is a great interest in intensifying the cooperation in academic traineeship. Lectures, training and seminars, which were conducted so far, have shown a very positive response by the student body.

For this project the following subjects were identified to be of major importance:
  • Sustainable Management of water resources and water quality
  • Modern aspects in waste water treatment
  • Ecohydrology
  • Remote sensing and Georaphic Information Systems for water management
  • Hydrological modelling and ground water modelling
  • Water chemistry and micro biology
  • Integrated management of water resources

The Capacity Building will be conducted by all partners and within the specific skills of each partner. The capacity building will take place on three levels:
  • Academic education
  • Practical re-training and further education
  • Information transfer and involvement of public interests into the IWRM process
Teaching materials will be provided at the Download sector.