Work Package 4
Drinking water extraction and purification

Technische Universität Ilmenau, Institute for Automation and Systems Engineering, Dept. Simulation and Optimal Processes (TUIlm)

Fraunhofer Application Center Systems Technology Ilmenau, Dept. Water (FhAST) Drinking water and ground water extraction through deep wells as well as its purification; estimation of quantity and quality for sustainable population and economic growth (Technical University Ilmenau, Faculty of Computer Science and Automation (TUIlm) & Fraunhofer Application Center System Technology Ilmenau, Department for Water (FhAST)).

The main goal of this work package consists of the development of a sustainable control strategy of drinking water extraction concerning quantitative and qualitative aspects including drinking water treatment under consideration of technical measures (groundwater monitoring, pumping, and treatment), of natural and economic conditions, efficiency, influences on the society (e.g. quality of life), and the coupling to the other work packages.

Outgoing from the current situation of drinking water extraction from groundwater the main focus of the work is on modelling of the groundwater system and its simulation – always with regard to a model-based computation of control decisions using simplified control models by application of certain methods of systems engineering including optimisation techniques. The model will be developed together with the School of Geology and Petroleum Engineering, MUST Ulaanbaatar, Prof. Batsukh, Mrs. Buyankhishig, by means of registered data in the model region Darkhan and be calibrated (by recorded groundwater level data of four wells since June 2007). The results of this part of the work package will be control regimes of the sustainable use of groundwater in terms of upper limits and its time variability concerning the coupled drinking water distribution process.

The Fraunhofer Application Center Systems Technology contributes to this work package by calculation of optimal control strategy in dependence of water quality and quantity as well as the consumtion behaviour of the customers in the distribution network (optimal resource distribution).
Essential steps

March 2007
  • Meeting concerning data acquisition and measurement data recording with Mongolian University of Science and Technology (MUST) Ulaanbaatar and Darkhan, USAG Darkhan, Powerplant Darkhan
  • First drinking water quality measurements at the wells in Darkhan in the framework with MoMo project
  • Capacity building: Lecture of Dr. S. Hopfgarten: "Fundamentals of Systems Engineering" at MUST Darkhan
  • Signing of the cooperation contract between MUST, School of Technology Darkhan, School of Geology and Petroleum Engineering Ulaanbaator, and Technische Universität Ilmenau

June 2007
  • Meeting concerning hydrogeology of the model region with MUST Ulaanbaatar and Mongolian Academy of Sciences
  • Installation of data loggers (groundwater level and air pressure) in the model region
  • Capacity building: Instruction of Mrs. Gerel/MUST Darkhan and Mrs. Sarangerel/USAG Darkhan to the carrying out of water quality investigations and to the handling of the spectral photometer DR 2800 of the company HACH-Lange by St. Röll; Instruction of Mrs. Gerel/MUST Darkhan to the data transfer of data loggers by St. Röll

July 2007
  • Visit of Dr. D. Enkhbat at TU Ilmenau; Discussions about the status of the MoMo project, cooperation possibilities, scientists and students exchange, and education at TU Ilmenau

September 2007
  • 52nd International Scientific Colloquium at TU Ilmenau
    Attendance of Prof. N. Batsukh and Mrs. N. Buyankhishig by DAAD support

    N. Buyankhishig, K. Masumoto, M. Aley: Parameter estimation of an unconfined aquifer of the Tuul river basin Mongolia. Proc. 52nd International Scientific Colloquium. Universitätsverlag Ilmenau. Vol. II. pp. 67-72 S. Röll, S. Hopfgarten, P. Li. A groundwater model for the area Darkhan in Kharaa river. Proc. 52nd International Scientific Colloquium. Universitätsverlag Ilmenau. Vol. II. pp. 11-15

    N. Buyankhishig, N. Batsukh: Pumping well optimisation in the Shivee-Ovoo coal mine Mongolia (Poster). Proc. 52nd International Scientific Colloquium. Universitätsverlag Ilmenau. Vol. II. pp. 47-50

October 2007
  • MoMo status meeting of German project partners in Kassel
  • First groundwater level and air pressure measurements in the model region